Word Wall: Nick Cave’s Into My Arms

The words on the wall come from my July 2020 Diary. My diaries often contain incidental thoughts or things that flit in and out of my mind so fast I struggle to remember them.

I can only guess when these words popped into my head, and it was probably as I lay in the bath listening to one of my Spotify playlists.

Nick Cave’s Into My Arms is a love song any songwriter would probably kill for. Right from the first line it speaks its mind,

“I don’t believe in an interventionist God.”

Every time I hear it I listen differently. And that’s just one line. Whether I get “I don’t believe”, “I don’t believe” or “I don’t believe” is a technicality. It will change depending on where I am, who I’m with and whether my skin feels like a good fit at that moment in time.

So don’t get me started on the variety of meanings you could attach to the word “interventionist”, especially in the context of a love ballad.

The lure of interpretation runs through all the other words Nick Cave sings with his piano during the next four and a quarter melancholic minutes. It’s what makes the song so powerful. The existence of angels is something else he gives us to think about?

But why did I ask myself that question on this particular day early in July 2020? Has he had second thoughts?

From what I can remember about Nick Cave, I think the answer is probably a big NO. But to state the obvious, we live in strange times, so I’m not prepared to rule it out. Maybe moments of doubt lie deeper in the heart of Into My Arms than anyone other than Nick Cave will ever know.

Read my July 2020 Diary (warning: 7,000 words).

On God’s existence…

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