Artwork Archive: Can Isaac, Catalonia

From: Spring 2015

Can Isaac is a small settlement on the south-facing slopes that rise from the northern shore of Catalonia’s Gulf of Roses. It is unremarkable in many ways, as is its closest neighbour, Pau.

The nearby resort of Roses, and Cadaques, the onetime home and playground of surrealist Salvador Dalí, are the tourist draws in this part of the world. Can Isaac and Pau are the sleepy outlying villages where a dog barking is a main event.

We were staying with friends in Can Isaac’s nextdoor village Pau when I started ‘travelling’ around Catalonia on Google Earth for amusement. I might already have taken the day’s first glass of local rosé when a road pattern in the neighbouring village caught my attention.

It looked like a flora-fauna hybrid, part plant, part jellyfish. It had a flow I found attractive and immediately set about drawing it on my iPad. I worked on it through one or two more glasses of wine, taking inspiration for the colours and speckling from the surrounding land.

The image has sat on my picture server for more than five years. I tried printing it, but the colours flattened, so I gave up and left it where it was. I think it would look nice on a white T-shirt.

Can Isaac is in the Palau-Saverdera municipality, Alt Empordà, Girona, Spain.

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