Micro Review: Western Stars

An album by Bruce Springsteen

Billy Mann didn’t take to the new Springsteen album immediately. Then some kind of revelation arrived and he tumbled into its arms

Tonight the Western Stars are shining bright again

Hooked now, but 
Not at first. 
Word shapes bland.
Patterns dull.
Listen again,
And again,
Over and over,
Like a beginner.
“I woke up this morning,
Glad my boots were on.”
Sing, don’t growl.
Big guitar, organ, sax, piano, before.
Now brass, strings and percussion.
And piano, 
Whichever one that is.
Clarence and Danny gone.
Davy Sancious back.
A sort of homecoming?
Sublime rhyme.
Might take 10 spins
To find ‘Sleepy Joe’s Café.
Orchestra in the dust,
They are calling it.
“I drift from bar to bar.
Here in Lonely Town.
Wishing you were here with me,
Come Sundown.”

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