Gardening: Golden Baggers Social Sunday

There’s was a list of chores. Isn’t there always?

But the head girl had gone on a skiing trip, so Social Sunday (first Sunday in every month) at the Golden Baggers allotments was an open playing field of naughtiness.

There was gossip about Boris Johnson’s black eye.

And there was plotting. You’d expect that in an allotment, but this was a different type of plotting.

One Bagger wants to launch a co-operative to bring cheap energy to estate residents.

The notional enterprise needs directors and shareholders, so the Bagger was headhunting rather than deadheading.

There were revelations: two veteran Baggers, both women, had somehow negotiated fully stocked toolboxes as part of their divorce settlements.

They both said the departing husbands surrendered these precious toys with ease.

In one of these matrimonially severed toolboxes was a choice of three adjustable spanners.

The divcorceés handy toolbox bottom, right)…

That was useful because one of the two wheelbarrows has a flat tyre that needs fixing.

With the largest spanner, plus a pair of male hands, the barrow wheel was off in a jiff and a big discussion underway.

Can the tyre be repaired, or is it a job for Kwik Fit?

Flat tyre (top, right)

Other topics of interest were soil aeration, vine weevils and whether we have enough worms in our boxes.

One Bagger has an exceptionally neat display of colour on the go. That got plenty of comments.

Neat display of colour…

A cute little robin spied on our every move, but was clever enough to take flight the moment the camera came out.

🌻 Next Social Sunday 5 April. Top job: tyre replacement (with a little help from YouTube).

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