City of London – October 2020

I love this blog, and this post especially as it is my area of London. Please browse the London Inheritance site for your favourite area of London and read the fascinating story of how the blog started from a stash of old photographs. Billy

A London Inheritance

Back in July, I wrote three posts about a walk through the City of London to photograph the pubs. The majority were closed, and being a weekend, the City was quiet. A couple of Monday’s ago I had to be in Clerkenwell, so as usual, I took the opportunity for a walk, this time through […]

City of London – October 2020

One thought on “City of London – October 2020

  1. I went through the blog and it seemed incredible to see the empty roads. Who would have imagined this last year? My husband and I were in London in June 2015. He attended a dental conference. We were there for nearly ten days and loved every minute of it. We enjoyed going by Underground. When my husband and his colleague were at the conference, her husband and I visited three museums. They were fascinating. And London does not seem a new place, I have read so many books set there and all the streets seem like old friends. I will never forget those days.

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