Drabble: Springsteen album review

Inspired by another blogger who used the drabble to review an art project, I decided to give it a go myself, with Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars album. I found it a very disappointing experience.

Hooked now,
Not at first.
Word shapes bland.
Patterns dull.
Listen again,
And again,
Over and over,
Like a beginner.

I woke up this morning

Glad my boots were on.

Sing, don’t growl.
Big guitar, organ, sax, piano… before.
Now… brass, strings and percussion.
…And piano,
Whichever one that is.
BigMan and Danny gone.
Davy Sancious back.
A homecoming, of sorts?
Sublime rhyme.
Might take 10 goes
To find Sleepy Joe.
Orchestra in the dust,
They are calling it.

I drift from bar to bar

Here in Lonely Town

Wishing you were here with me,

Come Sundown

NB: The quoted lyrics starting in line 9 are from the END of Western Stars. It is Springsteen’s own past-tense rewrite of the song’s first line.

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